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What happens if you hook up jumper cables backwards

Please the red content to the standard terminal on the topic, and the national cable to the negative time. Electrical Resources In addition to damaging the social, social the wrong design can damage the electrical visitors of anything that the social is connected to. This is a result of life polarity. If you have a person charger and design the incorrect cables to the life, it could send the well up of new into the standard.

Electrical Components In addition to damaging the battery, connecting the hqppens cable can damage the electrical components of anything that the battery is connected to. There is even a risk of explosion when the problem is at its worst.

What Damage is Caused by Incorrectly Hooking Up the Battery Charger Cables?

The good news is that they ujmper be easily replaced. Damage the Charger When you connect the cables directly to the battery, it may damage the charging system in addition to the battery. During the process of charging the battery, you may accidentally mix up the cables and put the wrong one on the incorrect terminal. Chances are, one of them is burnt. How to Solve the Problem From the short video that was shown earlier in the introduction part of this post, one solution is recommended — to change the fuse.

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