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Spins - Square, website mount - Square, you board with life deposits. The yesterday of Dating cabinet card photography and pose are also topic to arriving at a more available date. The last project cards were second in the s. For of this good change, a person mount offers the meaning clue to when a on image was made. The will card was large enough to be rare viewed from across the topic when quite displayed on a better, which is not why they became read as such in the topic.

Gelatin papers were introduced in the s and started gaining acceptance in the s and s as the gelatin bromide papers became popular. Matte collodion was used in the same period. A true black-and-white image on a cabinet card is likely to have been produced in the s or after The last cabinet Dating cabinet card photography were produced in the s, even as late as Owing to the larger image size, the cabinet card steadily increased in popularity during the second half of the s and into the s, replacing the carte de visite as the most popular form of portraiture. The cabinet card was large enough to be easily viewed from across the room when typically displayed on a cabinet, which is probably why they became known as such in the vernacular.

However, when the renowned Civil War photographer Mathew Brady first started offering them to his clientele towards the end ofhe used the trademark "Imperial Carte-de-Visite. The reverse side of the card as seen above. Early in its introduction, the cabinet card ushered in the temporary disuse of the photographic album which had come into existence commercially with the carte de visite. Photographers began employing artists to retouch photographs by altering the negative before making the print to hide facial defects revealed by the new format.

Cabinet Cards and Cartes de Visite

Small stands and photograph frames for Dating cabinet card photography Datijg top replaced the heavy photograph album. Photo album manufacturers responded by producing albums with pages primarily for cabinet cards with a few cabinnet in the back reserved for the old family carte de visite prints. For nearly three decades after the s, the commercial portraiture industry was dominated by the carte de visite and cabinet card formats. In the decade before cabiinet, the number and photogra;hy of card photograph styles expanded in response to declining sales. Manufactures of Dating cabinet card photography card stock and print materials Datkng to pgotography sales and retain public interest in card photographs.

Photograpyh, as with all technological innovations, the public increasingly demanded outdoor and candid photographs with enlarged prints which they could frame or smaller unmounted snapshots pbotography could collect in scrapbooks. Owing in part to the immense popularity phltography the affordable Kodak Box Brownie camera, first introduced inthe public increasingly began taking their own photographs, and thus the popularity of the cabinet card declined. First used for horizontal views, then eventually adapted for portraits. Although not uncommon in the s, the cabinet card did not displace the carte de visite completely until the s.

Trends in imprint styles can help approximate a date. The size of portrait and pose are also keys to arriving at a more precise date. The presence or a U. Internal Revenue stamp can date the image to the period 1 Aug to 1 Aug roughly the end of the American Civil War to the introduction of the cabinet card; I think it would be rare to find a cabinet portrait bearing a tax stamp. Many other details can help to date a photograph, such as accessories, costume and fashion or landmarks. The image tone has a remarkable tonality, offering a range of brilliant tones from sparkling silver to deep black.

Mounted on a dark green card with beveled gilt edges, typical of the s The dark green card makes for an excellent contrast to the image color, complimented by the understated blind imprint. Cabinet cards styles followed those of the carte de visite right after their introduction in for portraits, usually a plain Bristol board card with the double gold lines for a border. Later, cabinet styles would become more ornate and as the carte de visite waned, the cabinet card would set the style for the carte. Therefore, cabinet card styles can be used to approximate a date for an unknown cabinet card. It is worth noting that card stock or decorative feature of a card photograph can only date the card, not the image.

Often copies were made of an phitography image. For example, a cabinet card that is shown to have been made in the s by Dating cabinet card photography style, but the sitter is pictured clearly in s costume is certainly a copy of an old ambrotype or daguerreotype image. So far, the following table is best recommendation for dating a cabinet card image other than the general statement that cabinet styles can be coordinated with carte styles. Usually cabinet styles followed those of carte style until the s, when the increasing popularity of cabinet cards seems to meant that carte styles followed those introduced for cabinets.

Card Colors - White card stock of a light weight - Different colors for face and back of mounts - Face of buff, matte-finished, with a back of creamy-yellow, glossy. Corners - Square, lightweight mount - Square, heavy board with scalloped sides.

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