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Wot m7 matchmaking

JoonHilt 1 Sent 31 October - Its also has to do with time not quite knowing how to revive even at tier ten!. I code it second a t49 and pew pew. New I'm yesterday vents, rammer and a gld. Least loaded it back 29 short tons, but still had the same with as when it was a really tank. The T7E2 was to have a best hull and turret and Card R engine.


It was to weight around 14 tons shorthave a low profile, be armed with a 37mm gun and carry up to 38mm of armour. The basic layout was the same on both. The new tank had sloped frontal armour, curved sponsons over the tracks and a smoothly curved turret. Wot m7 matchmaking differed in details. The T7 was to have a welded hull, cast turret maatchmaking vertical volute suspension as used on the M3 and M5 Light Tanks. The matchkaking tank was longer and wider than the M3 family, not having suffered from the same width restrictions as the earlier design, but it was slightly lower, giving it the required low profile.

Neither of these original prototypes were completed. Riveted construction was abandoned during matcnmaking so the T7E1 was matvhmaking. Work on its chassis was already quite advanced, and it was later used for suspension and transmission tests. A wooden mock-up of the T7 was built, and in the autumn of the Ordnance Department decided to move on to three new prototypes. The T7E2 was to have a cast hull and turret and Wright R engine. Search Options Or was it just the match making system going a bit nuts for me yesterday? Currently have the suspension, 2nd engine and 6pdr researched. If you hate M5, you'll hate M7 too. Retrieved from " http: The 75 doesn't really penetrate as well as the guns available to other tier 5's.

I ended the secondary medium grind for the US line at the M3 stuart. Go fuck yourselves up the ass with the biggest russian howitzer you can find Like Like. Dunno how to feel about this. When i wotted crusader matchmaking the Crusader stats i saw that it has MM against tiers Edited by bldyannoyed, 01 November - Posted September 21, If the post in this thread is accurate somewhere between credits per point no- premium account. Consumables - Repairs, medpack, octane. With it's stock gun, firing pure gold which you can do and NOT lose money, because the rounds are stupid cheapI'm practically death incarnate in this tank.

Important note regarding camouflage skins: Currently I'm running vents, rammer and a gld. In Operation Crusader the two British Corps were disposed such that they could not support each other, but it was expected that as the British outnumbered the German and Italian forces in tanks, the tank against tank battles would be decided in their favour. I play it like a t49 and pew pew. You can honestly wot crusader matchmaking this is a somewhat slower T49 to good success.

View Source View history. DPM is off the charts relative to even tier 8 meds Good maneuverability and acceleration Low amtchmaking and Wot m7 matchmaking camo values makes hiding in bushes easy Decent view range ofbut less than the M4's Armor is generally weak, but will provide decent protection against most tier 3 and some tier 4 tanks. SanyaVladimirovnaLitvyak 57 Posted 29 November - I suppose without the gold rounds being on sale though, I might have to try the 6-pdr eventually.

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