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The Charis Partner Program

By collaborating with our partners around the country, Charis has moved from a local ministry based entirely in Chicago to a robust retreat program reaching those in their 20s and 30s nationwide.  From this shared wisdom of ministry experts, we have expanded and adapted our retreats to meet the changing needs of young adults.  This collaboration is what makes Charis such a successful ministry.

Become a Charis Partner

Becoming a Partner

As a Charis partner, you are part of a national community of ministers facing similar challenges and enjoying successes that can be shared.  Charis will be there to support you by offering:

  • A complete retreat package with everything necessary to put on quality retreats for young adult.
  • Manuals that include talk outlines to give to the retreat team, editable schedules for team and retreatants, outlines and presider scripts for prayers and rituals, timeline of retreat preparation and planning, catechetical notes where applicable.
  • Instruction in forming a core team: Support and advice on how best to form a volunteer-based core team which will allow for your retreats to continue even in the event of staff and volunteer turnover.
  • Back office support: Creating a webpage for your retreat, marketing flyer templates, handling registration, sending out follow-up evaluation emails, and developing quarterly newsletters with Ignatian resources for ongoing spiritual development.
  • Retreat preparation support: Charis Retreat Experts are available to answer questions about everything from retreat logistics (How do I set up a ritual in the space that I have?) to Ignatian Spirituality (How can I explain the Examen to my retreatants?)
  • Charis community of peers across the country offering young adult retreats
  • Continually updated materials – Charis reviews and periodically updates retreat materials to meet the changing needs of young adults; Review of marketing materials and vehicles to reach young adults where they are (i.e. social media suggestions, updated website, etc.)

Members of the Charis Partner Program receive training in: Charis retreat methodology, Ignatian spirituality, marketing, and best practices. They are supported before, during, and after their retreats by the Partner Program Coordinator and Charis staff.  As a partner, your organization will pay an initial fee, an annual renewal fee, and a small fee based on retreat participation.

More Information

Are you ready to become a Charis partner? Our national community of retreat organizers are making an impact on young adults. If you are ready or would like more information, please contact Lauren Gaffey at